Welcome to Funny Girl, a fansite dedicated to the delightfully witty, riotously funny, wickedly pervy and incredibly beautiful actress Diora Baird. You may recognize Diora from her work in such films as Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Transit and Riddle and her recent television work in Shameless and Bent. If you're a long time fan then you already know what a fun and talented woman she is. If you're just now discovering her, then you're in for a treat because she's so much more than just a pretty face.
Mar 22, 2012
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The Treats! Questionnaire

NAME: Diora Baird
AGENCY: Elite, Miami
FAVORITE TREAT: Dark chocolate anything

Hey, Diora, what’s up?
Hi! I’m doing just dandy. Watching all the pretty people walk down the Oscar red carpet.

What have you been up to lately?
I’m in the movie “TRANSIT” which is coming to theaters soon; I play a sweaty bank robber. And I’m a new character on “SHAMELESS”—keep an eye out for the older woman.

Tell us about your treats! issue 3 shoot with Stephanie Vovas in 10 characters or less…
Nipples + whiskey = The most erotic shoot I’ve ever done!

When did you start modeling?
I was a few months old. I started acting at 10.

What did you do to celebrate after you got your first GUESS campaign?
I never celebrated being in the GUESS campaign ’cause it was just another job at the time. I was still working as a clown afterward!

What is your pre-shoot ritual?
My pre-ritual shoot is to not eat—but I always end up eating pizza the night before.

Do you have a motto when it comes to modeling?
Yes. Don’t worry, Photoshop will fix it!

When did you first fall in love?
I have a bad habit of falling in love. I’m very much the hopeless romantic who will run away, get matching tattoos, and adopt a farm.

What are you currently reading?
During pilot season the only reading I do is scripts and Twitter.

What is your dream job?
Dream job would take place in France and maybe a little Woody Allen action. I’ve got a crush.

You were a voice in the video game “Scarface.” Is that your favorite movie?
Who doesn’t like “Scarface”? I will say, though, I’m more of a “Godfather” gal.

Are you funny?
I’m not a comedian and when I’m expected to be funny I get hives. Though, I’m pretty good at making fun of myself and tripping over my own feet.

Who is your favorite photographer?
Helmut Newton has always been an inspiration for me.

Favorite spot in Paris?
Somewhere away from the tourists, tucked away in a little cafe with a basket of bread, bottle of wine, french cigarettes and a Frenchman who speaks zero English. Le Lourve on a rainy day is pure perfection.

NYC or LA?
I wish I could live in New York City. Always been in awe of that world. I want to be the product of a one night stand between Carrie Bradshaw and Annie Hall.

What shoes are you wearing right now?
None! Just big, blue socks that should really be thrown out considering the amount of holes in them.

What’s the last thing you do before bed?
Talk to my dogs and position them on both sides of me.

What do you hope for in the future?
I’ve stopped hoping for much in the future. I’ve learned I have very little to do with it so I try my hardest to live in each moment. The things I used to want don’t hold as much value anymore; all I can hope for is the grace to stay open to all the changes and to love myself along the way whatever I end up doing. I want to live life to its full potential—oh, and I want to be rock star, too!

Source: Treats! Magazine

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